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Politicians ‘cowardly’ over science

Article Abstract: Sir Paul Nurse, president of the Royal Society, says politicians often show a "total lack of leadership" in ignoring scientific findings. from BBC News – Science & Environment Click Here To Read Full Article Visit BBC News – Science & Environment for more great articles.

Story tips from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Jan. 2015

Article Abstract: (DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory) While researchers in Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s buildings group focus on increasing energy efficiency using new foam insulation panels, the nanophase materials sector experiments with catalyst performance, revealing an oxidation discovery that could help reduce vehicle emissions. Additionally, Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers aim to reduce the size, weight…

Long hours make people more likely to drink heavily

Article Abstract: The old adage is true. People who work hard are more likely to drink hard too, finds the largest ever study of working patterns and alcohol consumption from New Scientist – Online news Click Here To Read Full Article Visit New Scientist – Online news for more great articles.

Wonky, Warped and Weird: Pulsar Vanishes in Spacetime

Article Abstract: For the first time, the mass of a binary pulsar pair has been precisely measured, but it was a race against time before the extreme gravitational warping of spacetime caused one of the dense objects to blip out of view. from Discovery News Click Here To Read Full Article Visit Discovery News for…

Of Mountains and Moisture

Article Abstract: The Dinaric Alps along the coast of Croatia lead to some compelling wind and cloud patterns. from NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day Click Here To Read Full Article Visit NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day for more great articles.

The Human Brain Is Lopsided Compared To Other Primates

Article Abstract: Researchers have identified a small groove that runs deeper along the right side of the human brain than the left. Because other primates lack this feature, it’s conceivable that its function is what sets us apart. Read more… from io9 Click Here To Read Full Article Visit io9 for more great articles.

Over the Long Term, Nice Guys Finish First

Article Abstract: Recent studies which look at the effects of kindness and generosity over time suggest that the cynical phrase "nice guys finish last" is false outside of isolated events. Read More from Big Think Click Here To Read Full Article Visit Big Think for more great articles.

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