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This Is The Vintage Plane Harrison Ford Crashed

By Kelsey D. Atherton Yesterday, in a flash of silver and yellow, a relic from an old war crashed to earth. From the broken body of this vintage World War II trainer, Harrison Ford emerged onto… Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Popular Science

Landless Brazilians in GM eucalyptus protest

Members of a landless peasant group, some wielding sticks or knives, attacked a cellulose factory in a violent protest against its use of genetically engineered eucalyptus plants, video released by organizers showed. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Phys.org: Biotechnology News

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Take A Moment To Marvel At These Unusually Intimate Owl Portraits

By Robbie Gonzalez It is notoriously difficult to photograph an owl. The stately birds tend to be close-taloned with their trust, requiring several months to become comfortable with even one human handler – a fact that explains both the rareness of intimate owl portraiture, and the magnificence of these shots by photographer Read Full Article…

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