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In Which I Visit a Penguin Experiment and Hilarity Ensues

By Ed Yong A few months ago, I noticed a tweet from John Hutchinson, saying that he was going to London Zoo to study their penguins, and how they move. I’ve covered Hutchinson’s work before; it frequently involves ushering animals over force-plates. And since the animals in this case would be penguins, it Read Full…

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Centennial museum bill hearing scheduled in State House

By Lee Allison The Arizona House Committee on Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources will hold a hearing on Senate Bill 1200 on Monday, March 16, in hearing room HHR1 in Phoenix at 2 p.m. SB1200 transfers the former Mining and Mineral Museum building and collections to the Arizona Geological Survey to be re-opened as Read…

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Was “The Chocolate Cream Poisoner” Really Insane?

By Esther Inglis-Arkell Christiana Edmunds was arrested for murder in 1871, after poisoning boxes of chocolate creams in stores. People are still arguing about whether or not she was insane — and what insanity actually means. … Read Full Article Here For more great articles: io9

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Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum

By Daniel Mosquin Tamara Bonnemaison, BPotD Work-Learn student is the author of today’s entry. She writes: Thank you to the late James Gaither (aka JG in SF@Flickr) for this gorgeous photo of Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum. It is spring, it is spring! How do I know? Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Botany…

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Why Announcers’ Voices Sound So Much Different Than They Used To

By Ria Misra When you imagine the life of a voiceover actor, you probably think of hushed radio booths, a team of sound engineers, and ridiculously large microphones. But the job of a modern voiceover actor looks very different, and this helps explain why that “announcer’s voice” we’ve come to expect keeps changing. … For…

Too Much Road Salt is Bad For the Local Environment

By Robert Montenegro The amount of salt used on Boston roads this past winter weighed more than equivalent of over 20,000 elephants. Considering that about 84% of road salt makes it into our water, that’s a whole lot of pollution in only one season. Read More Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Big…

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This Is What A 250-Year-Old Burnt Pretzel Looks Like

By Cheryl Eddy Step aside, Twinkies. The most enduring snack just may be the pretzel, as evidenced by fragments of bakery castoffs discovered during an archaeological dig in Southern Germany. They are estimated to be around 250 tooth-breaking years old. … Read Full Article Here For more great articles: io9

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