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total solar eclipse – svalbard

By Amanda Bauer did you see the total solar eclipse on march 20th, 2015? my friend and one from 35,000 feet, collaboration with Glenn Schneider. i’d like to see a thorough movie of his experiences and eclipse photos. here’s a preview of that possibility. support their kickstarter if Read Full Article Here For more great…

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​Help NASA Target Dangerous Asteroids With New App

By gordonmjackson Now you too can be Bruce Willis in Armageddon (Harry Stamper…the character’s name was Harry Stamper…) without the worry of dying in space. NASA, in cooperation with Planetary Resources, has created a new app allowing the nearsighted or maybe even the asthmatic to protect the Earth from … Read Full Article Here For…

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micdotcom:Watch: These scientists flew a drone into an active…

micdotcom: Watch: These scientists flew a drone into an active volcano — and the results are incredible This is undeniably the best use of a drone ever devised, other than National Geographic Explorer Shah Selbe (you might know him on Tumblr as crookedindifference​) and his amazing work Read Full Article Here For more great articles:…

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radicalbundy:Blood vessels of a real person who dedicated their…

radicalbundy: Blood vessels of a real person who dedicated their body to science for display Important to remember that many of these touring plasticized anatomy shows, which are promoted by various companies under names like BODIES…The Exhibition, Bodies Revealed, Our Body: The Universe Within, and Body Wars, often (if not Read Full Article Here For…

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Photographer Captures Mesmeric Images of Parasitic Worm Sex 

By gordonmjackson Since today is informally ParaSaturday (parasite-Saturday) on io9, photographer Marcus DeSieno , best known for his Victorian-style portraits of various parasite species posing like figures of the old West, was generous enough to submit to us his latest: Two Worms Having Sex. Namely, Schistosoma mansoni — blood flukes. … Read Full Article Here…

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Mudskippers Create Artificial Tongues Made of Water

By gordonmjackson We all know they can crawl like a dog without scraping their knees, but researchers have now learned mudskippers are able to attack prey on land by manipulating mouthfuls of water – then sucking that water back into their mouths like a vacuum. … Read Full Article Here For more great articles: io9

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