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Facebook AI Software Learns and Answers Questions

Software able to read a synopsis of Lord of the Rings and answer questions about it could beef up Facebook search. Facebook is working on artificial intelligence software that can process text and then answer questions about it. The effort could eventually lead to anything from better search on Facebook itself Read Full Article Here…

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How Real-Life AI Rival ‘Terminator': Robots Take the Shot

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on his iconic killer-robot role in July’s “Terminator Genisys.” While no Skynet-like AI has sent red-eyed robots after humanity, the prospect of weaponized AI has gotten much more likely since the first “Terminator” movie. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: LiveScience.com

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Activists Stage Anti-AI Protest At SXSW

By George Dvorsky With chants of “I say robot, you say no-bot!”, a group of protesters took to the streets in Austin, Texas to warn against the rise of artificial intelligence. The movement, though small in number, may be the start of a larger trend. … Read Full Article Here For more great articles: io9

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