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DARPA seeks new positioning, navigation, timing solutions

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), writing about GPS, said: “The military relies heavily on the Global Positioning System (GPS) for positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT), but GPS access is easily blocked by methods such as jamming. In addition, many environments in which our military operates (inside buildings, in Read Full Article Here For…

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DARPA Wants To Solve Ebola With DNA, Money, And Institutional Knowhow

By Robbie Gonzalez Colonel Dan Wattendorf is a program manager in DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office. His goal: To dramatically suppress Ebola, and infectious diseases like it, with a new, unconventional vaccine. And according to Wattendorf, the biggest hurdles he faces in accomplishing this mission “aren’t scientific, but institutional.” … Read Full Article Here For more…

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The Scary-Dexterous Robots of the Darpa Challenge

By Neel V. Patel Maybe if we start training robots to save people’s lives now, some of them will collaborate with the post-Skynet human resistance later. The post The Scary-Dexterous Robots of the Darpa Challenge appeared first on WIRED. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: WIRED » Science

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