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There is crying in science. That’s okay.

By Meghan Duffy People cry. Scientists are people. Therefore, scientists cry. So why is it that scientists and academics can get so freaked out by a colleague or student crying? I cried through my entire defense. I was completely embarrassed by it at the time, but, fortunately, my committee carried on without making a Read…

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A curmudgeon’s musings on modern pedagogy

By Brian McGill (warning this is long – you can skip to the conclusions or even bottom-bottom line at the end if you want) I am not an expert on pedagogical methods. But I have been on the teacher side of university education for almost 20 years. And I’ve literally taught 100, 200, 300, Read…

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Communicating about lab finances

By Meghan Duffy As I talked about in yesterday’s post, I’ve been thinking a lot about lab finances lately. For the most part, I’ve done this on my own, staring into what sometimes feels like an abyss of spreadsheets in my office. A lot of the recent spreadsheet crunching has centered around Read Full Article…

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Keeping track of lab finances

By Meghan Duffy Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time working through lab finances. I need to make personnel decisions, and what I want to do is: Make sure the amount of money I think I have to spend is the amount I actually have to spend. Encumber the salaries/stipends/tuition of people currently in the…

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Friday links: Andy Warhol on citations, and (a bit) more

By Jeremy Fox From Jeremy: Philosopher of ecology Jay Odenbaugh argues that ecological theory doesn’t need to make accurate predictions to be successful science, and that you’re misunderstanding the purpose of theory if you think otherwise. The paper’s a few years old, but you probably missed it at the time and it’s Read Full Article…

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Sciencing with a newborn

By Meghan Duffy A little while back, I wrote a post in response to a reader’s request for tips on how to continue being a productive scientist while in her first trimester of pregnancy. This is the follow up post, also on request, that talks about the strategies I used for trying Read Full Article…

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