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Photosynthesis hack needed to feed the world by 2050, report says

Using high-performance computing and genetic engineering to boost the photosynthetic efficiency of plants offers the best hope of increasing crop yields enough to feed a planet expected to have 9.5 billion people on it by 2050, researchers report in the journal Cell. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Phys.org: Biotechnology News

Where Are London’s Missing Map Traps?

By Frank Jacobs Haggerston, an area in the Borough of Hackney, northeast London, is notable for few things. For its Hackney City Farm. For its Haggerston School, designed by Ernö Goldfinger. For its long association with clowning [1]. And for famous residents such as comet-namegiver Edmund Halley and … Read More Read Full Article Here…

OSVR dev kit to carry optional faceplate with Leap Motion tech

“3D Output Meets 3D Input,” said Leap Motion, the software and hardware company focused on 3D motion-sensing technology, in its Wednesday announcement. Leap Motion and OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) announced that the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit will have an optional faceplate with Leap Motion’s hardware and software embedded. OSVR, Read Full Article Here For…

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How is the brain relevant in mental disorder?

By vaughanbell The Psychologist has a fascinating article on how neuroscience fits in to our understanding of mental illness and what practical benefit brain science has – in lieu of the fact that it currently doesn’t really help us a great deal in the clinic. It is full of useful ways of Read Full Article…

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It Should Be Legal To Hack Your DNA

By George Dvorsky A group of geneticists has called for a moratorium on research into modifying heritable human DNA — a practice that could lead to so-called “designer babies.” But as scientists consider this drastic proposal, they should also recognize the potential benefits this technology could afford – and the risks of an Read Full…

House unveils cyber bill and signals bipartisan compromise

House intelligence committee leaders unveiled a bipartisan cybersecurity bill Tuesday amid signs of broad agreement on long-sought legislation that would allow private companies to share with the government details of how they are hacked, without fear of being sued. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Phys.org – latest science and technology news stories

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