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Genetics: Risk or destiny?

By GilesNewton Standfirst: Information is Beautiful Studio take a visual approach to exploring the complex relationships between our health, genes, lifestyle and environment. Hero image: Related stories: One virus, four lives: the reality of being HIV positiveDecisions on a knife-edgeTwitter hashtag: geneticriskTopic(s): GeneticsListing text: Information is Beautiful Studio take a visual approach to Read Full…

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HIV can spread early, evolve in patients’ brains

This photo shows HIV, the AIDS virus (yellow), infecting a human immune cell. The AIDS virus can genetically evolve and independently replicate in patients’ brains early in the illness process, researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have discovered. An analysis of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), a window Read Full Article Here For more…

Bayesian Mapping of HIV Infection among Women of Reproductive Age in Rwanda

By François Niragire et al. by François Niragire, Thomas N. O. Achia, Alexandre Lyambabaje, Joseph Ntaganira HIV prevalence is rising and has been consistently higher among women in Rwanda whereas a decreasing national HIV prevalence rate in the adult population has stabilised since 2005. Factors explaining the increased vulnerability of women to HIV infection are…

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Indiana Governor Declares State of Emergency For HIV Outbreak

By Alexandra Ossola This morning, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana declared a state of emergency in Scott County, in the southeast of the state, due to what is being called the worst HIV outbreak in the state’s history. The cases were all caused by intravenous drug use, but some health officials fear that Read Full…

Prostate cancer and treatment choices: Decision shared by doctor and patient?

Doctors strive to make treatment decisions together with their patients – but is the decision really shared? According to researchers, shared decision-making isn’t easy, and clinicians need help. The international research group has studied the decision aids for treatment choice of localized prostate cancer. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Most Popular News

Variant rs1801157 in the 3’UTR of SDF-1ß Does Not Explain Variability of Healthy-Donor G-CSF Responsiveness

By Miriam Schulz et al. by Miriam Schulz, Darja Karpova, Gabriele Spohn, Annette Damert, Erhard Seifried, Vera Binder, Halvard Bönig The genetics responsible for the inter-individually variable G-CSF responsiveness remain elusive. A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the 3’UTR of CXCL12, rs1801157, was implicated in X4-tropic HiV susceptibility and later, in two small studies, in…

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