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Ice age people hunted horse and camel 13,300 years ago

New research shows that prehistoric Ice-Age people hunted horse and camel 13,300 years ago in North America, much earlier than previously believed, according to a team of researchers led by a Texas A&M University anthropologist. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Phys.org – latest science and technology news stories

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Ice Age map helps predict the next mega drought

By David Salisbury-VU Scientists are using climate from the last Ice Age when the American Southwest was much wetter—and the Northwest was much drier—to predict how precipitation patterns will change in the future. Current odds are 50/50 that the Southwest is headed for a 30-year “mega drought,” researchers say. Meanwhile, the forecast for the Read…

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Emperor penguins dwindled during last ice age

By U. Southampton Antarctica’s current climate is optimal for emperor penguins, but harsh conditions in the ancient past may have been too extreme for large populations to survive. A new study of how climate change has affected emperor penguins over the last 30,000 years shows only three populations may have survived the last ice Read…

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