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The Problem with Fake Meat

It might be possible to create a burger that helps the environment and improves your health. But will it taste good enough to win over the masses? People want burgers. It seems hardwired. You can read Richard Wrangham’s Catching Fire to learn how man evolved into a thinking primate by learning Read Full Article Here…

Broadcast Every Little Drama

Meerkat and Periscope show how simple, fun, and weird live-streaming can be. Like the frequent posture of its cute, furry namesake, a live-streaming video app called Meerkat recently got people to stand up and take notice. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: New on MIT Technology Review

Probing the Whole Internet for Weak Spots

Rapidly scanning the Internet have become vital to efforts to keep it secure. When a major flaw in the encryption that secures websites was revealed this March, Zakir Durumeric, a research fellow at the University of Michigan, was the first person to know how serious it was. By performing Read Full Article Here For more…

Facebook AI Software Learns and Answers Questions

Software able to read a synopsis of Lord of the Rings and answer questions about it could beef up Facebook search. Facebook is working on artificial intelligence software that can process text and then answer questions about it. The effort could eventually lead to anything from better search on Facebook itself Read Full Article Here…

Recommended from Around the Web (Week Ending March 28, 2015)

A roundup of the most interesting stories from other sites, collected by the staff at MIT Technology Review. The Taming of Tech Criticism Evgeny Morozov points out the essential conservatism at the heart of most technology criticism. —Brian Bergstein, deputy editor Read Full Article Here For more great articles: New on MIT Technology Review

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An Emerging Science of Clickbait

Researchers are teasing apart the complex set of links between the virality of a Web story and the emotions it generates. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: New on MIT Technology Review

Genome Study Predicts DNA of the Whole of Iceland

Large genome databases are starting to reveal critical health information—even about people who have not contributed their DNA. The CEO of an Icelandic gene-hunting company says he is able to identify everyone from that country who has a deadly cancer risk, but has been unable to warn people of the danger Read Full Article Here…

Amazon Robot Contest May Accelerate Warehouse Automation

Robots will use the latest computer-vision and machine-learning algorithms to try to perform the work done by humans in vast fulfillment centers. Packets of Oreos, boxes of crayons, and squeaky dog toys will test the limits of robot vision and manipulation in a competition this May. Amazon is organizing the event Read Full Article Here…

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