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Emblemasoma erro

By Tommy Leung During summer the air is filled with the rattling ruckus of cicada songs. Male cicadas produce this summer choir using a pair of Top: Male Tibicen dorsatus cicadaBottom: Female Embelmasoma erro flyPhotos from Figure 1 & 2 of this paperThe species we are featuring today is an “acoustically hunting” Read Full Article…

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Crassicauda magna

By Tommy Leung During this blog’s first year back in 2010, we featured a parasitic nematode (roundworm) that lives in the Photo of C. magna in whale tissue from Fig. 1 of the paperCrassicauda magna is a parasites that really gets under the skin of the pygmy sperm whale. While most worms Read Full Article…

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Gelis agilis

By Tommy Leung It’s a bug-eat-bug world out there and the same applies to parasitic wasps – even parasites can themselves become Photo of Gelis agilis by Christophe QuintinThis hyperparasitoid wasp has more to contend with than just overcoming their host’s reluctant bodyguard. It is after all a small insect which equates Read Full Article…

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