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Threatened Corals Swap “Algae” Partners to Survive Warming Oceans

By Neil Hammerschlag Caribbean star coral (Orbicella faveolata). Photo: Baker Lab. Location: Miami, Florida, USA A new research study showed why threatened Caribbean star corals sometimes swap partners to help them recover from bleaching events. The findings are important to understand the fate of coral reefs as ocean waters warm due to climate change. The…

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Researchers Grow A Breast In A Petri Dish

By Caroline Reid Health and Medicine Photo credit: Haruko Miura via HelmholtzZentrum münchen Forget cock in a box, what’s hot now is a boob in a petri dish. A research group has found a Read Full Article Here For more great articles: IFLScience

New Grand Canyon age research focuses on western Grand Canyon

The age of the Grand Canyon (USA) has been studied for years, with recent technological advances facilitating new attempts to determine when erosion of this iconic canyon began. The result is sometimes conflicting ages based on different types of data; most data support the notion that the canyon began to Read Full Article Here For…

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