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Duplication snuffs out pollen abstract

By Megan Scudellari A Canadian research team has retracted a meeting abstract “published in error” from a supplement by Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology, as it had previously been published in another journal. The December 2014 abstract, “A post-hoc qualitative analysis of real time heads-up pollen counting versus traditional microscopy counting in the Read Full…

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How horse whinnies convey their emotions

By Inken de Witt-ETH Zurich Horses whinny in two voices, which let them express both positive and negative emotions, as well as the strength of that feeling. The findings come from a research project on the evolution of emotion expression. Each whinny is made up of two independent fundamental frequencies, according to researchers at the…

Over 50 years of marine litter research now available to all in new book

University of Exeter researcher, Professor Tamara Galloway, has contributed to one of the most expansive summaries of our knowledge of man-made litter in the world’s oceans to date. The new book, Marine Anthropogenic Litter is published by Springer and is set to be available through open access, allowing its content Read Full Article Here For…

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Poll: Our pursuit of happiness is going well

By Julie Hail Flory-WUSTL People in the United States are a pretty contented bunch, according to new research on happiness and its root causes. Conducted by the polling and consumer insights company CivicScience, the study, called “Profiling Happy,” explores reported levels of happiness from more than 262,000 Americans, linking them to thousands of attributes including…

Research tracks relationships between CEO greed and company performance

That gut feeling many workers, laborers and other underlings have about their CEOs is spot on, according to three recent studies in the Journal of Management, the Journal of Management Studies and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies that say CEO greed is bad for business. Read Full Article Here For more great articles:…

Eye in the sky aids stocking rates

Satellite imagery of rangelands properties can help pastoralists determine pasture growth and plan appropriate stocking levels, according to research at Liveringa Station in the Kimberley. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Phys.org – latest science and technology news stories

Reported successes and failures aid hot pursuit of superconductivity

A collaboration of researchers in Japan report on four years of extensive research into superconductivity, including the materials that were found not to have superconducting properties, as well as those that were, and their potential for wires and devices. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Phys.org: Physics News

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