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Quiz: How Many of these Endangered Mammals are Left?

By RJ Evans Fifteen species, fifteen multiple choice questions. Yet how many of each species do you think still exists in the wild? If the answer you choose goes GREEN, then you got it right. If it goes RED then you got it wrong. You will also see how many Read Full Article Here For…

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The Holy Rats of Karni Mata

By RJ Evans From the outside the Hindu temple of Karni Mata in the small town of Deshnoke in the Indian province of Rajasthan looks much like any other. Ornate and beautiful and with a steady stream of worshippers arriving it holds a surprise for the unsuspecting visitor. Image Credit Read Full Article Here For…

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The Brown Bear: King of the Nordic Forests

By RJ Evans This short film by Chris Schmid strives to highlight the wild brown bears, it is the result of filming in remote locations in Finland over a couple of days. While the brown bear’s range has shrunk and it has faced local extinctions, it remains listed as a least concern Read Full Article…

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Penguin the Magpie and Noah take an Outdoor Shower

By RJ Evans Photographer Cameron Bloom’s son Noah rescued a magpie when it was a chick. Since then, although the appropriately (more or less) named Penguin is as free as a bird (ahem) it keeps coming back to re-engage with its adopted family. Here Noah (an even more appropriate Read Full Article Here For more…

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