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Astronomers find Jupiter and sun twins

By Deborah Byrd Artist’s impression of a newly discovered Jupiter twin orbiting a twin star to our sun, HIP 11915. The Jupiter-mass planet orbits at the same distance from its star as our Jupiter does from our sun. Is there an as-yet-unseen system of planets orbiting HIP 11915, bearing a resemblance to our Read Full…

Jupiter twin discovered around solar twin

Astronomers have used the ESO 3.6-metre telescope to identify a planet just like Jupiter orbiting at the same distance from a Sun-like star, HIP 11915. According to current theories, the formation of Jupiter-mass planets plays an important role in shaping the architecture of planetary systems. The existence of a Jupiter-mass Read Full Article Here For…

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Botanical Gardens Showdown

By cej9f The State Arboretum of Virginia (UVA) Do you have a local University botanical garden, or arboretum? Do you think it’s the best? Well now we have a definitive list! See where yours ranks! Each botanical garden and arboretum was rated and ranked based on the following: Rating and Ranking Methodology Awards and Recognition…

Obama to announce high-speed Internet help for homes

President Barack Obama set a goal of bringing high-speed Internet to most schools by 2017, and now he’s promoting a new program to help close the digital divide even further by bringing that faster Internet to more people. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: – latest science and technology news stories

Magnetic nanoparticles could be key to effective immunotherapy

In recent years, researchers have hotly pursued immunotherapy, a promising form of treatment that relies on harnessing and training the body’s own immune system to better fight cancer and infection. Now, results of a study led by Johns Hopkins investigators suggests that a device composed of a magnetic column paired Read Full Article Here For…

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