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Book in Brief: How to Clone a Mammoth

By Brian Switek “Will there ever be a real Jurassic Park?” I’ve heard this question more times than I can count. The answer is always “No“. Aside from the problem of getting a viable clone to develop inside a bird egg – one that scientists haven’t Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Phenomena

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Fossil Fish Sliced Prey With Bizarre Jaws

By Brian Switek Paleontology collections are wonderful. Shelves and cabinets hold anywhere from thousands to hundreds of millions of years of life’s history, assembling giant ground sloths, Cambrian oddballs, petrified plants, and other fantastic organisms into a fossilized menagerie. And as much as I’ve enjoyed my opportunities to explore Read Full Article Here For more…

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Selfish Shellfish Cells Cause Contagious Clam Cancer

By Ed Yong In the 1970s, scientists noticed that soft-shell clams along the east coast of North America were dying from a strange type of cancer. Their blood, which was typically clear, would fill with so many cells that it would turn milky. The rogue cells clogged and infiltrated the clams’ organs, Read Full Article…

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Food Poisoning: An Untrackable Illness In A Globalized World

By Maryn McKenna About this time of year, 4 years ago, people in Germany began falling ill with diarrhea, nausea and fever. At first it looked like a small outbreak, though a troubling one: One out of every three victims needed to be admitted to the hospital. Then the outbreak expanded, and expanded Read Full…

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Revisiting a Fossil Friend

By Brian Switek Some fossils feel like old friends. As happy as I am to encounter petrified skeletons I’ve never seen before in museum halls, there’s something comforting about rounding a corner to find a cast of AMNH 5027 – the first Tyrannosaurus I ever met – or see Read Full Article Here For more…

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Could Mothers’ Milk Nourish Mind-Manipulating Microbes?

By Ed Yong Breast milk seems like a simple nutritious cocktail for feeding babies, but it is so much more than that. It also contains nutrients that feed the beneficial bacteria in a baby’s gut, and it contains substances that can change a baby’s behaviour. So, when a mother breastfeeds her child, she Read Full…

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1,000 Year Old Remedy May Cure MRSA, Still Faces Market Hurdles

By Maryn McKenna A plant-based ointment recipe pulled from a 1,000-year-old manuscript is spiking excitement about what historical knowledge and traditional remedies can do to defuse the antibiotic crisis. At the same time, it’s highlighting how difficult it can be to move any compound—natural or synthetic, ancient or modern—from the lab bench Read Full Article…

Why Do We Get Allergies?

By Carl Zimmer The more you think about sickness and health, the trickier it gets to draw a clean line between them. We tend to think of ourselves as being prepared by nature for a good life. If we can just keep bacteria and viruses from killing us, and avoid walking into open Read Full…

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CDC Alert: Drug-Resistant Foodborne Illness Spreads in US

By Maryn McKenna Figuring out how to talk about antibiotic resistance—which you’ll be seeing discussed here a lot, since it’s the topic of my last book, an important part of my next book, and a central topic in my past blogging—is a difficult balancing act. On the one hand, antibiotic Read Full Article Here For…

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